Saturday, January 7, 2012

Konichiwa GonBawa Des Mina!!

Hi again,

After a long time, blog is dead and I went past the blog again today..
Just wanna update sumthings and will be off...


Imma a graduate and now I am working in a company called Mega Fortris (M) Sdn Bhd...
Dis company is quite cool as it manufacture and sells unique products to niche market...
Dis company sells Security Seals and it offers wide and various range of seals to secure your shipments from home country to another country...

Talk less bout work and more about life...
life's is going really well and smooth currently...
Hopefully things are great and will be better today & throughout the year!!

As an official graduate, I would like to say many thanks to my parents, family, coursemates and frens...
Life as a student is not hard and without the support from ppl I know, I might not even get through towards my studies and being a certified graduate!!

Knowing things that happens around changes a lot of mind concept and our mental along the emotion of us!!
We are not able to hold in any negative things in life because we liked it to be positive and things must always run welll...However in life there are always a lot of shortfalls and deep free fall holes in life, we need to always find time to nurture ourselves and be better from time to time...

WE can be awesome in many ways and bad in a second??
*Wat cha think??*

Let's live life to be d best in our class and den v proceed wif goodness while being surrounded by badness in life?? >.<

Enjoy ur time everyone!

Aaron Mikhel

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hi Everyone,

Welcome back~!!
Well after viewing the blog, finally I have the sugar rush to blog once more.
*But not sure is it permenant or not* dxD

Well how is everyone?
I am currently doing well.
Enjoying my life as usual but can't wait to graduate soon enough...
Just another semester to go and I can graduate...
Aft graduation, there are many things to consider but my first consideration is to further my studies for a postgraduate degree...d=D
hopefully things can go well and I will be able to progress in that line...d=D

Btw, I still feel kinda hard to let go of the past and move on...I wish I have not been a bad guy in the past that made sum of my good friends hated me at times....
I dunno will they still accept me into the group...

But I am always bleesed and bound to have great people around...College and Uni made me understand more of the value of friends which is limitless...d=D

Being a friend have many roles but for me most of the time friends are being supportive, caring, being there for our friends, company and many more...d=D
*Well I dun really need to define roles of friends as many people will know how to define that*

I love my family and friends...No matter what happens, they are always's like a gift from heaven for us to enjoy and share things together....d=D

Life is full of shyt where I would admit but all I know is if we are given lemon, let's turn it into lemonade with positivity no matter what...d=D

Well guess I really need to let the past go and proceed with no worries and no regrets because the past kinda mould us to be a better person now...d=D

I am grateful for that because it happened to me and I know I am a better man or growing adult but I still have false and I am not PERFECT...d=D
Thx a lot everyone especially My UNC PATRICK~!!!!!!!!!!

*Wat do u'll think??*

Enjoy ur time everyone....d=D

<~Aaron Mikhel~>

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Presenting Angels and Demons~!!!

*Angels and Demons flyer by Advertlets* d=D

Tom Hanks acted as the Harvard professor Robert Langdon in the movie of Angels And Demons who are trying to uncover a dark secret of the Vatican that they have kept!!!
*Tom Hanks as a professor from Harvard called Professor Robert Langdon* d=D

Published before The Da Vinci Code, which suggested that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and had children, Angels and Demons revolves around a plot by a sinister elite known as the Illuminati to install their candidate as Pope and blow up the Vatican. Crucial scenes are set in the Vatican and two Rome churches — Santa Maria del Popolo and Santa Maria della Vittoria. In both churches, cardinals are murdered and mutilated with mysterious marks and symbols.
By looking into the movie by Tom Hanks who is kinda the producer himself *might be untrue* based on the Novel by Dan Brown, we can discover uncertain truth about the show as the Father Marco Fibbi, a Vatican spokesman, said: "Usually we read the script but in this case it wasn't necessary. Just the name Dan Brown was enough." and also Father Antonio Truda, parish priest at Santa Maria del Popolo, said that there was no question of allowing scenes to be shot there. “It’s bad enough having to put up with tour guides explaining the scene to tourists,” he said.
It seems that the Vatican priest or spokesman doesnt' like the movie Angels and Demons by objecting it but the movie might create a sense of developement and thinking for every to think about the show~!!!
To me i think it's d best show of the year where investigations reappears in the cinema wif more dramatic scenes to make ppl wonder of the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Diamond~!!!
Where the Diamond is the latest creation of the Illuminati group that seeks for revenge on the Vaticans for killing all of their earlier members who finds the truth of life~!!!
*Earth, Air, Water, Fire and the last element is Diamond which is alive* dxD

It's a movie that everyone shud not miss as it'll give valuable lessons in life for every coz each movie have a significant telling that directs to the ppl who watches it~!!!


I'm a guy who wants to know more about life with my own experience and i love watching movies in the cinema especially when i have the opportunity to watch the premieres before it's being aired worldwide~!!!

*Example of Angels and Demons that are bond 2gd where evil and good arises~!!!* d;p

Thx again advertlets for inviting us (bloggers) to the fun and great experience v can have~!!!

And if any blogger who wanna join us (Advertlets members to view the premieres of the movie: Angles and Demons plz kindly press the link below for further information~!!!


According to the trailer posted by Youtube which is the official trailer~!!!

Enjoy the trailer herein youtube before u watch the movie kays~!!! d;D


Sorry everyone espeacilly me as i din not blog for a vr long time already due to lack of time to have a great blog as assignments comes crashing down my doors steps!!!


Well anyways, would like to share wif u'll wat a great mother's day 2day is~!!!

And it seems that Google is also celebrating Mother's Day but wonders who is Google's mother???dxD

As v know dat practically all mothers are celebrating mother's day by enjoying themselves which v do not need 2 know how they enjoys dem~!! dxD
Hmm went out practically wif my close family members to Kuala Lumpur and ate dim sum in a nice restaurant, The Golden DragonBoat~!!! Yeah~as great foods are being served in this place...
They used to operate in Jalan Imbi, but now the have shifted to a better place where it huge and the building have great facilities in Kampong Pandan where u can seriously run and laugh as loud as u wan looks like a mansion if it's not a restaurant~!!!dxD

*the custard bun* d=D

But i love their custard bun which is the extraordinary food u can taste in town~!!!
Mayb the fly in that recipe from Hong Kong~!!!
But dun mind anyways if u guys kinda go there, plz try it during the dim sum period~!!!

And no jokes as their services their are good even they're kinda short of hands 2 help out~!!!

But u'll can try helping there if dun mind to be their waiters or waitress or even the manager and the pay might be very good~!!!!dxD
But the foods you order comes a little bit slow oh~!!!

*if any1 pays attentions to the roads in kl* d=p

*the map location of Golden Dragon Boat in Kuala Lumpur, Kampong Pandan* d=D


Well aft our usual brunch session, v moved up to bukit jelutong to visit my dad's younger brother, Adrian but i usually will call him '6 Suk'~!!!
As my unc's entire family have juz shifted their hse into Jelutong Heights *if not mistaken* which is still a new area....the environment there is so nice as not much cars and the neighbourhood is small and cosy~!!!therefore if any1 would love to buy a hse i would recommend Bkt Jelutong for it's superb environment~!!!! *Yeah~!!!*

*Uncle Adrian and my Dad* d=D

*Kieren, Chelsea (my two cheeky cousins) and Aunty Dion (Unc Adrian's wife)* d=D

Oh btw if any1 is interested in buying my unc's previous hse plz feel free 2 drop a comment in the comment drop box~!!!dxD
Aft the visit practically came bak home and do sum assignments again~!!! T.T
Well dat's all for now and i hope u ppl will come bak 2 read my blog as i will update my blog at least once a week so it'll not practically die again~~!!!

Sorry and thank you so muchie every1~!!!

And I LOVE mY WIFE~!!!!

*Me and my Wife* d=D

Monday, March 9, 2009

HSM is kinda great and nice~!!!Hopefully can bring sunny day 2 every1 wif dis song and dance~!!! d=D

After long time no blog and c oh~!!!i'm bak now~!!!hahax~!!!d=D
High School Musical 3 is great athou i'm quite out of time~!!!hahax~!!!few mths aft d show come out oni i watch~!!! lol....
well tis song and movie is great i hope sumday our malaysian film makers can make dis kinda musical day but best if every1 can be in musical world.....i think it's fantastic oh~!!!
hmm hope u'll can enjoy dis music video~!!!
it's a night to remember as d memories in d scene will d embeded into ppls mind~!!dxD
High School Musical 3 - A Night To Remember!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Spirit with Advertlets

The Spirit movie is cooll and it's better than 300 and sin city *i Think*~!!! dxD

I would love 2 catch dis movie as the previous movies of 300 and Sin City directed by Frank Miller had caught my attention of watching the action/drama movie....

The story of a former rookie cop who suddenly returns from the dead as, THE SPIRIT (Gabriel Macht) to fight crime from the shadows of Central City. His arch enemy THE OCTOPUS (Samuel L Jackson), has a different mission: he’s going to wipe out THE SPIRIT’S beloved city as he pursues his own version of immortality. THE SPIRIT tracks this cold - hearted killer…All the while facing a bevy of beautiful women (Eva Mendes, Scarlett Johansson, Jaime King) who want to seduce, love or kill our masked crusader.


This is the "Spirit" (Gabriel Macht)

Weelll i personally felt dat dis character is d best among every charater as it's d hero and main character of this movie~!!!

Wow he was brought bak from the dead to help and keep the central city safe from bad guys such as "OCTOPUS" whom is also brought bak from the dead but he wans to rule the central city.... *bad intentions*

I think dis character is d best coz he hav d power to safe the city and moreover wala, although he's dead but he is still wanted in d market by the gals who wanna set him up....where they wanna know whose behind the heroic mask~!!!


The Spirit~!!! d=D

Hidden Shooping Mall In Damansara Ara (NSX)!!!! Cool place~!!every1 must try 2 go there!!!

Starting my journey from a short walkk 2 Unc Pat's hse from me Hse~!!!
So aftter reaching his hse, juz remembered dat i did not bring d hse keys over~!!!
Hav 2 run bak 2 my hse and get d keys~!!! *Haixzzzzz i mmg big time pelupa de*
Aft gettinh d keys, guess who is sitting and waiting 4 every1???
Here d Manager of our road trip~!!! dxD
oh on d way nice flowers~!!! d=D

d N mobile v're using 2 get 2 NSX~!!! d=)

SO on d way there, of course it's time 2 camwhore~!!!
*yeah* d=D
love it~!!
learned from me best pal, Aaron Lee~!!! d=D
Well v'll get over to dis new area where it's build in a kampung area~!!!
I dun think no one will discover it unless they listen 2 radio and tv on the place promotion or advertisement on this place~!!
Best mall, it's d american style of shop lotz around~!!!
Every1 u'll be amazed wif wat dis shopping mall hav 2 giv okies~!!
Trust me~!!
Juz visit it~!!
It's worth d time and travelling expenses for those who r living near the area~!!!
V got to the 100 degree bbq shop to hav our dinner~!!
Everyone is hungry like crap coz hav been waiting 2 check out d new place and great food as our Manager, Unc Patrick always brings every1 for good food no matter how far it is as long as d food is good, nice and tasty~!!!Well,
V live to eat!!!!
Not eat to live!!!
Foods r one of d ornaments dat provides us energy and many more 4 our body~!!!
Well d food there is tasty~!!
Aft a full tank of food~!!
Every1 decided to walk around and enjoy the scenery~!!!
Yeah man~!!!
Pictures 2 rule the talking now~!!!
Sit bak and enjoy folks~!!!
Hope u'll like it~!!!
*Any inquiries or enquiries can juz leave a mes in d comment or chat box* d=D
<~Aaron Mikhel~>
Almost reaching our destination~!!! dxP

Oooopppps~!!! Cam error abit~!!! dxD

Wow~!!!Dis is d natural affect of a wannabe good camwhorer~!!! dxD

Wow d lights r amazing~!!! d=D

Dis is d entrance~!!!

D entrance again~!! d=)

Purple and blue lites around d treessss~!!!! *cools* d=D

Purple and blue lites around d treessss 2~!!!! *cools* d=D

Explainatio in Mandarin~!!! *I dun understand* dxD

Up-close for d shopping mall's name~!!! d=D

Me wif d peace sign by my couz bro, Alex (D African Lion)~!!!!! dxD

Me~!!!!! d=D

Me and Anie Clement (best computer guy in Mega Forttris)~!!!!! d=D

Pic candid~!!! d=p

Wow all got big tummys~!!! dxD

Fullhouse~!!! *one of d interesting shop there* d=D

D area around~!!! *It's nice* d=D

Me~!!!!! d=D

Kids playing wif bubbles~!!! *damn cute* d=x

Kids playing wif bubbles~!!! *Up-close* dxD

Where's our food stalll~!!!!! dxD

100 degrees celcius shop~!!! *Finally* d=D

100 degrees celcius shop~!!! *under inspection* dxD

100 degrees celcius shop~!!! *under inspection* dxD
100 degrees celcius shop~!!! *under inspection* dxD

Wow~!!! *drooling di* dxD
Ooopppssss~!!! Mgic trick by camera~!!! dxD *missing a person*
So fast they look into d menu book di~!!! dxD

Me~!!!!! d=D
Alex Kor Kor seriously looking wat he shud order~!!! dxD
Me and Alex Kor Kor~!!!!! *Ah Nie where u looking,guess he's too hungry* dxD

Me, Alex Kor Kor and Ah Nie Clement~!!!!! d=D

D dining set~!!! d=D
Hmm d menu book~!!! *seems vr nice* indeed!!! (^.^) V
Eh let me sit and order~!!!dxD

Unc Raymond, Angeline Jie Jie and Unc Pat~!!! *candid camera* d=D

Me~!!!!! d=D

Me~!!!!! d=D

Hmm still talking while waiting 4 d steamboat 2 boil~!!! *damn hungry* T.T
Eh wat 2 eat ar???!!! dxD
Wow d foods r served~!!! *Rawr* d;p

Mua Chocolate drink~!!!! *con ppl 1 pic so big, real life damn small* d=(
Wow me d personal chef~!!! dxD

My dish is like damn alot but manage 2 finished it oh~!!! d=D

D foods r all been eaten up~!!! *hmm where it goes??* tummies~!!! d=D

Me~!!!!! d=D

Me~!!!!! d=D

Unc Pat~!!! eh stop taking pics lar Kw~!!!my turn~!!! *wow look whose d man wei* d=D

Me~!!!!! d=D

Me~!!!!! d=D

Perfect couples pics~!!! d=D

Me~!!!!! *ahhhh my couz bro poking my nose dxD

Me~!!!!! d=D

Me~!!!!! d=D

Wow~!!!I wanna win 1 million contest~!!! dxD
Unc Pat~!!! *he's damn cute in dis pic wei~!!! dxD
Unc Raymond covering his nose aft Anie Clement farted~!!! dxD
Me~!!!!! d=D

Me~!!!!! d=D

Me~!!!!! d=p